The Street Avenger


Exciting things are happening you guys! You already know that I am very passionate about music and songwriting, but another thing I also love to do is act. I started theater when I was 7 years old and since then acting was always something that I loved to do, mostly because you can be whoever you want and I always wanted to be a superhero.. (Storm to be exact).

I am excited to announce that my dream of becoming a superhero is coming true, I will be playing Rosie in a new movie by Angry Troll Studios, THE STREET AVENGER!

When a young girl being raised by a single father loses him to gang violence she turns to law enforcement but they are no help. She tries to take the law into her own hands and finds out being a vigilante is nothing like she reads about in the comics. Rosie (played by Mischa Renee) quickly finds herself caught in a war between two rival gangs while trying to stay two steps ahead of the police. This is a raw, action packed adventure that shows the inner strength of a young woman that will stop at nothing to avenge her father.”

This movie is going to be super awesome! When I first read the script all I could say was, wow, this role is definitely the role that I have been waiting for, the dream role that I’ve wanted since I was a kid, and I am so grateful that Angry Troll Studios chose me to do it.

So stay tuned everyone, Mischa Renee is going to be kicking some serious bad guy butt soon! haha


Viva Las Vegas!



So it’s been about a year since my last post, but I have a very good reason for that,  I moved to Las Vegas, Nevada! If you have ever moved, you know how crazy packing up your entire life then moving to a whole new state and starting over can be. I admit it was super stressful in the beginning, but after everything started to fall into place I can say life is so much better on the West Coast.

Number one reason being the weather. New Jersey had its perks but nothings beats the sunshine and snow-less winters of Las Vegas. The last time I wore shorts in December was when I lived in the Philippines, guess who wore shorts on Christmas Day, yupp ME!

Another reason why I love Las Vegas so much is because it is so much closer to California. I work in Los Angeles a lot and being able to drive there whenever I want is way better than packing up a suitcase and racing to the airport so I don’t miss my flight.

If you follow me on IG or facebook then you know how much I love Boba Tea, when I lived in Jersey I had to drive 45 minutes just to get my fix, now its a 10 minute drive and I don’t have to shimmy my way in to get in line either. Boba in Jersey was a hot commodity, EVERYONE went and the place was always packed.

Las Vegas also has so many people from the islands and yes, A RESTAURANT CALLED RED RICE! Living on the East Coast was cool and all but living in Las Vegas is just like living on Guam or the Philippines again, and I love it!

The scenery is also a plus. I love seeing the mountains during the day and all the lights on the strip at night. Everything and everyone is so ALIVE here. I love that I can just walk outside my new home and already feel inspired to write a song because of the view.

All in all, I love my new home and I feel so blessed to be living here. A lot of people said I would hate it because it gets too hot but hey, Bikini weather is way better than thick coat scarf weather in my book any day!









10 ways to Relax the Mischa Way


Life is stressful.

I’ve always been the type that tries to get as much work done throughout the day and when I finish all of my business related work I look for something to fix or something to clean at home. I’ve always been this way, but I admit, I’m no superwoman and being on the go all day everyday is tiring.

Over the years I have realized that I should slow it down some and take time to rest and relax and that a well rested body functions better than a stressed one. Here is a list of some of my favorite ways to de-stress and relax.

1. Walking outdoors.

Long walks reset my mind. I find peace when I go out and explore.  Staring at the sky and admiring nature as I walk around reminds me of  how blessed I am to be here.


2. Getting massages

If you have never had a real massage before, I highly encourage you to get one. Massages not only help relieve stress but they also help release toxins that build up in the body and loosen up the muscles.


3. Going to concerts.

I love music and I enjoy going to concerts. I feel that sense of freedom whenever I go to one, it’s like all of my worries in the world disappear when I’m listening to my favorite artists play.



4. Dancing.

Yes, dancing. I find dancing one of the best ways to relieve stress and the best part is it can be done anywhere. Every morning after waking up, I blast music and dance around in my PJ’s like I’m in a music video. Ridiculous I know, but it’s fun. Singing at the top of your lungs while dancing helps too.

5. Watching movies and documentaries.

I am a huge fan of old movies, especially the black and white ones. There’s just something about seeing how everyone dressed and how they talked back in the day that I absolutely love. I also enjoy watching documentaries and anime series.


6. Reading.

I love books and getting lost in stories. I’m a big fan of fairytales. When I can’t get away in real life, I immerse myself in a good book.

7. Sightseeing and going to museums.

I try to travel as much as my busy schedule allows  and one of my most favorite things to do is going sightseeing and visiting museums. Not too long ago my family and I ventured to a beautiful castle in Pennsylvania. It was not as grand as the castles in Europe but it was by far one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen and I loved learning about those who lived there in the past. I also love seeing historical sites, monuments, and art and trying to decipher the message that the artist is trying to tell.

8. Puzzles

Yes, I’m a puzzle person. A lot of people find puzzles stressful but it’s the opposite for me. Puzzles keep me focused and help me forget about all the stress.

9. Eating

Yup, eating. When I’m stressed I tend to stuff my face with food, preferably cheesecake.

10. Playing video games

There is nothing as fun as releasing all of your stress on make believe characters in video games. This is my go to when I need to lash out on someone or something. I admit I sometimes get heated in games, but as soon as I’m done letting all of my frustrations out on the characters in the game, I feel so much better.


So there you have it. I’m sure I have a few more ways to De-stress to add to this list, but these are my go-to’s for when I need to feel better. I’m not saying that these ways will work for you too, but hey, it’s worth a try! Especially the “dancing around in PJ’s first thing in the morning” one.

Comment below what your favorite ways to De-stress are so I can give it a try too!



Hope you enjoyed reading this post!!



My Top 20 Songs of all time




Music is my escape from all the BS in life.


If you follow me on good ol’ Instagram, you probably already know that music is a huge part of my life. I grew up listening to all types of music, singing in Church choirs, and yes, singing in a confused teen garage band. I wrote music in college and also won a few songwriting contests as well. I also sang on the side for some extra cash during college. In fact, most of my earliest memories are of me either singing on stage or with family, or doing some crazy dance moves to one of my favorite songs. I like to say that it molded me into who I am today because I know for a fact that without it my life would not only be unbearably boring, but I’d probably be really depressed.

Okay, I’ll stop yapping and get to the point already. I LOVE MUSIC.

So since I love music so much, and didn’t really know what to blog about today, I decided to throw a list of my all time favorite songs together. You know, in case you woke up today and thought, “Hmmm.. I wonder what Mitch’s top 20 all time favorite songs are?”, if you did well then, here ya go and you’re welcome! haha…


20. Nobody Knows – The Tony Rich Project

I cried to this song.. A LOT! Ya I know, pretty sad, but we both know very well that you went through that same heartbroken moment growing up when you thought that you couldn’t live without that jerk that broke your heart and that the only way to win him back was by either trying to slide back in to his life by making yourself look super hot so he’d regret leaving you, or pretend that the break up didn’t affect you at all.. but deep down you are really crying worse than a toddler who’s pacifier got thrown over a bridge.

19. Stand by me – Ben E. King

This was the first song I learned how to play on the guitar. When I was 9, my dad saw how much I loved messing with his guitar,  I’m not sure if he wanted to coddle that interest or get me to stop messing with his expensive guitar, so he got me my own guitar with Nylon strings and taught me how to play.

18. Storms – Fleetwood Mac

This song is one of my favorites because the emotions are just so real. It’s almost like I can feel what Stevie Nicks felt whenever I listen to it.  My favorite line is, “But never have I been a blue calm sea, I have always been a storm.” Plus, Stevie Nicks is my hero.

17. Piece of my Heart – Janis Joplin

Janis Joplin was a certified bad ass. Her raspy voice was what I think, one of the best vocals of all time and her pure power is something that inspired me. Just think about how great it would have been if she didn’t leave this world so early. Best lesson here is, stay away from drugs kids!

16. Let it be – The Beatles

I think I came out of the womb singing this song. My parents loved the Beatles, so much that they actually named me after a Beatles song, Michelle. This is one of those songs that no matter how many times you listen to it, it just gets better and better. It is just so amazing. The lyrics are simple, but the meaning is so deep.

15. (What a) Wonderful World – Sam Cooke

Remember that butterflies feeling you got when you saw your crush at school, or when they’d actually notice you for the first time? This song is just that. It’s pure butterflies. It reminds me of how beautiful love really is when we don’t overthink things.

14. Every breath you take – The Police

When you really listen to the lyrics of this song, it’s actually not really a love song, but a song about someone who seems to be overly possessive.. almost stalkerish. So if it’s so creepy, why do I like it so much? Well that’s exactly why. If you can make a song about a crazy stalker and still get people to love it, and even play it at weddings. Then you are a musical genius. The Police are just that. Musical geniuses.

13. Let’s Get it on – Marvin Gaye

Hands down best “Romantic Song”, EVER! I’m pretty sure this song also contributed to the increase in our population in the 70s.

12. Drift away – Dobie Gray

The ultimate appreciation for music can be heard in this song. It’s almost like an ode to music. “I wanna get lost in your rock and roll and drift away”, is what we all do when we listen to music. We drift into that special place in search of healing. May it be rock, hip hop, reggae, or even just the sound of instruments, we all get lost in music. We all have that one song that hits us, almost to the point where we think that it was written just for us.

11. More than a feeling – Boston

I’ve always loved this song. It’s one of those songs that you can listen to over and over again, and never get tired of it. I think it’s about feelings for a certain someone that were never pursued, and now it’s just too late. It’s about a feeling that will always be there and never go away.

10. Valerie – The Zutons

She’s crazy, she’s trouble, and is just bad news in general, but he misses her like crazy. We’ve all felt that way for someone once or twice in our lives. No matter how crazy things get, we as humans try to fix everything, only to get hurt even more. Insert the feels.

9.Hotel California – Eagles

Everything about this song is perfection. The lyrics, Don Henley’s voice, The battle of guitars between Joe Walsh and Don Felder. EVERYTHING. I personally think that this is by far one of the greatest songs that was ever made. It stemmed a lot of controversy, but that’s what great songs do and this song is just that.

8. Lights – Journey 

Steve Perry’s vocal chords were literally chosen by God himself. The range in his voice is not only amazing, but is by far one of the most iconic voices in the world. This song describes his love for his city, and just how much he appreciates it.

7. Strong Enough – Sheryl Crow

I feel like this song is about going through a tough time and just wanting someone to be there, something we all want in our lives. I think that’s why I love this song so much. Growing up was hard for me, and I always hoped to find that person that would always be there for me.

6. Tracks of my Tears – Smokey Robinson & The Miracles

This song tells about how he seems to be happy on the outside, but is really suffering on the inside. “My smile is my makeup I wear since my breakup with you”, shows just how easy it is to pretend you’re happy. Again, the emotion in this song makes me love it so much. Something we can all relate to.

5. No woman, No cry – Bob Marley & the Wailers

I found Reggae thanks to this song. Bob Marley instantly became one of my favorites after hearing it. I remember asking my dad about how music back in the day had so much substance and him telling me that it was mostly thanks to what everyone was on. I wanted to be on what they were on so bad, little did I know that it was actually something illegal. lol

4. Crazy love – Van Morrison 

I love this song. It’s about a feeling that he has about a girl that is just so real. I think that’s what gets me most of the time, the feels of the song. When it’s about pure emotion that is real, it just sucks me right in.

3. Can’t help falling in love – Elvis Presley

I have always loved Elvis. When I was a kid, I played his songs on repeat over and over again. This song very special to me because it’s the song that my dad and I would sing during our family karaoke nights, and it was also the last song that we sang together before he passed away. so ya, it’s pretty special to me.

2. Leather and Lace – Stevie Nicks and Don Henley

Two of my favorite vocalists in one song. Can’t get any better than that.

1. Take it to the Limit – Eagles

Yes, this is my favorite song ever. I love the Eagles. Randy Meisner hits all the right notes in this song. I’ve had many downs in my life and this song always inspires me to keep on going and to take it to the limit. This song is beautifully written and always hits me when I hear it. Hands down, best song in my book.


So there you have it. My top 20 favorite songs of all time. I admit, this list was hard to make because I love music in general. You don’t know how tempted I was to add some Nsync, Backstreet, Usher, heck and even some Lady Gaga in there, but I had to choose the music that I always go back to, and this list is it.


Hope you enjoyed it!!












10 Random Facts About Me

Photo Jan 24, 11 07 40 PM


I was thinking of topics to write about and I figured I’d write a post about myself. Not just any post, but a post about some things that even my closest friends don’t know about me. Ready to read about my inner weirdo? If not, close this out right now or accept your fate and be scarred by my weirdness forever!!!! You have been warned!!

Still there? ok… Here we go!


  1. I subconsciously rub my feet together before I sleep, and while I sleep. I first realized I was doing this after I woke up with sore legs and ankles. I thought it was just because I slept in an awkward position, but then my mom came in my room one night and literally slapped my feet and almost scared me to death as she yelled at me in a mix of bisaya (a Filipino dialect) and English to stop rubbing my feet together.
  2. I like to put ice cubes in my ramen noodles. I have legit reasons for this, one is I’m usually at the point of starvation when I decide to eat so it helps cool the soup down faster, and two is because I burnt my tongue really bad while I was eating some ramen that my friend cooked once and I never want that to happen again. If that has never happened to you, imagine using your tongue to put out a 3 wick candle. Yes, it hurt that much!
  3. I strongly believe I was born in the wrong era. If you were to ask me what kind of music I love the best, I would tell you that I am a 70’s child reincarnated. I absolutely love music from the 60s and 70s.  If you take a second to really listen to music from back then, you’ll notice how genuine it is and how the lyrics are just genius (it may be because most of them were high while writing), and don’t let me start yapping about 70s fashion!
  4. I have the habit of counting to 10 when I wash my hands. This is not my fault. I blame this on my kindergarten teacher. You see, we had a song, we sang that song (the counting song) whenever we’d wash our hands, and it stuck with me forever, only I don’t sing it anymore because that would be extremely awkward in public bathrooms, so I just count to 10 in my head.
  5. I LOVE cheese and Burritos! Cheese is life! No explanation needed!
  6. My hands mysteriously develop into a waterfall of sweat when I’m nervous. This has always been a problem. It started when I was a kid and just never went away.
  7. I love watching documentaries and crime/murder mysteries. No, I’m not a psychopath! I just find them interesting and intriguing.
  8. I love video games, and I collect figurines and toys. I don’t want to say I’m obsessed, but touch my toys and you’ll have to CASH ME OUTSIDE, HOW BOW DAH!
  9. I HATE ONIONS WITH ALL MY HEART! Onions, I believe were the devils way of pulling a prank on us! I swear he put onions in the ground so he could laugh at the first people that tried to eat one raw! But then people got smart, and started cooking them while saying, “Not today Satan! I’ll put some secret batter made of unicorn tears and fairy dust on these babies and make them into the most popular appetizer at Outback steakhouse, the Bloomin Onion!”
  10. I love Every.Single. Rambo Movie. I can literally quote lines from each movie like I was in it. Sylvester Stallone is my hero!


So there you go! By now you probably think that I am by far the weirdest person on this Earth huh! I warned you, but you decided to keep reading, so it’s your fault! haha!


Hope you enjoyed reading this!!