So here it goes, welcome to my life!

E72824AD-9D07-45BC-B1CF-C014F5A39541So here it goes, my first blog! I thought I’d start off with a little info about why I went with HashtagMitch instead of something way more cooler like “A Journey with Mitch, or Ditch with Mitch. (🤔)

Well first off, My real name in the adult world is Michelle,  but I’ve always been known to everyone as Mitch. It’s a nickname that I’ve had since I was a 10.  (Nicknames are a huge thing in the Philippines). When I first moved to the Philippines everyone called me Michelle at first, but as people got to know me better my name slowly evolved. It went from Michelle, to Mitche, to Chelle till everyone somehow finally agreed (the secret underground nickname society 🤫🤭) , that Mitch was a better fit and that my official Filipino nickname was just that.

It took a while to get used to it, especially because I’ve been mistaken to be a man many times (apprently Mitch is a mans name), but after a while I accepted my fate and went along with it.

For some odd reason, I think of the best ideas while I’m playing video games or just standing in the shower. So while I was playing Mario Kart, I thought to myself, what is a good name to add to “Mitch” that showcases my life. Two cups of cocoa and a scribbled sheet of paper later, I thought hey, what about hashtag!? Everyone uses hashtags on everything so I though why not fit in with the cool crowd and add it to my name!

So ya, that’s how I came up with that. You may now be asking yourself what this page will be all about. To tell you the truth, I’m still trying to figure it all out myself, but expect a bunch of random mumbling, thoughts on stuff, pictures of my weird life and hopefully in the future, my own apparel line! Fingers crossed!

So welcome to my Blog and I hope you enjoy!!




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