Where do all the mean girls go?


Do you ever wonder what happened to that mean girl from way back then that literally made your life a living hell? I do. In fact, I wonder where “they”,  yes they, are now and if they’re still possessed by the wicked witch of the West.

It all started when I was 4 years old. Let’s call her MEAN GIRL A. MEAN GIRL A was the first mean girl I had ever encountered. Although I was only 4 years old when I became a victim to her wickedness, I remember how mean she was like it was yesterday. She was 9 years old at the time and hated me. Why? I do not know. The worst thing she ever did to me was manipulate me into swallowing an orange seed, then scaring me by saying that an orange tree was going to grow inside my stomach. Being 4 years old, I believed her so I ran to the toilet and tried to puke it out. She thought it was hilarious and continued to scare me as I was gagging over the toilet bowl. This bullying continued for quite some time, until we moved away. I have no idea what happened to her but I hope she is no longer manipulating 4 year olds into swallowing orange seeds.

I managed to be mean girl free up until the 3rd grade, but I knew it was only a matter of time before I’d come across another mean girl, and I was right. MEAN GIRL B made her appearance on the 3rd day of 4th Grade. She was way worse than MEAN GIRL A. She was a violent one. She would literally wait for me at the playground just to call me names, when I’d get close to her she would yank at my ponytail and say I was the ugliest person in the world. I let her wickedness slide at first, thinking she’d lose interest and just leave me alone, but it just got worse. I was so fed up with her always yanking at my hair so one day I decided to fight back. While on the swings she thought it would be funny to push me off so she could take it from me.  I fell to the ground,  knocking my shoe off my foot. This was my shot. Being Filipino, we see footwear as three things; 1.Protection for our feet, 2. As a disciplinary object that mothers use when kids don’t listen, and 3. As a weapon of interest. Best believe I picked that shoe up and threw it right at her face.  We both were sent to the principals office but I managed to get a ‘get-out-of-jail” free card because she started almost every fight at school and was already on the Principals list.

Now lets talk about MEAN GIRLS C and D. As I got older, the mean girls were no longer as violent, but boy were they evil . MEAN GIRLS C AND D were gossip spreaders. They seemed like the nicest people in the world but they low key were out to get me. I was actually friends with them for the longest time, until one day, the truth about them came out. A rumor spread around school that I was pregnant and that I was flirting with every guy possible. NOT TRUE. I was not pregnant, I was 16 and was not even in that area yet! I had never even kissed a guy! But I do admit that I had the biggest crush on someone, BUT JUST ONE GUY.  I found out that they were spreading rumors because I overheard them talking about me one day. They were in our empty classroom and I had just so happened to pass by the window while they were talking. I could have stopped them right there and fought for my honor, but I let it slide. I no longer hung out with them after that day. They were dead to me. They tried to slide back into my life, but nope! I forgave them, but ain’t nobody got time for people like that!

Even as an adult, I have encountered mean girls. I thought that being an adult meant that all the petty high school mean girl stuff would go away. But like I said, it just gets worse. They travel in packs as adults and prey on innocent victims. The name calling does not stop either. I actually had an encounter with a veteran mean girl today while grocery shopping! I like to take my time while shopping to make sure I’m getting the best deals and the best options available, so if I stand in front of some items for a minute or two, All you have to say is excuse me and I will move. This Veteran mean girl decided to activate her inner mean girl today while I was trying to pick out some orange juice. Instead of kindly saying, “Excuse me, I just need some juice.”, she decided to annoyingly say in a forced loud voice “UGH! We HAVE TO wait. This GIRL is standing in front of the juice!”, as I turned around with my juice in hand she looked at me and literally gave me the “HURRY UP!” look. I just smiled, put my juice in my cart and walked away.

So where DO all the mean girls go? I know each and every one of us has an inner mean girl in us that hides. I admit I did think about how awesome it would be if a flock of birds mysteriously flew by and decided to defecate on her overly styled hair, but it was all just a thought. I could never act the way that she acted, especially to someone that I did not know. I guess it’s all a matter of character and upbringing.. So where do all the mean girls go? Nowhere. Some change for the better I guess but others just get older and maybe even meaner.



Hope you enjoyed it!




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  1. I f****** love this! I know who they were too! You would never let me release my big sister wrath on them. Lucky for them you have moms big heart and I have dad’s temper. Lol.

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