Life Lately…



When I look back at how my life was two and a half years ago, I would have never in a million years thought that I’d be where I am today. Why you ask? Well around this time two and a half years ago, I was bedridden and could barely walk, was suffering from vertigo and was in bed for a good 6 months. It was one of the hardest times I’ve ever been through.

Fast forward to today, and how my life is now. Well a little after I started feeling better I decided that I wasn’t going to just let life slip away. It’s crazy how a traumatic experience can change a person. I felt like I was given a second chance at life and decided to make the best of it. How? By appreciating everything in life, and pursuing my dreams. I started crocheting again and decided to open up a business selling my handmade toys. I sold them locally and got a surprising amount of cusomers thru facebook and instagram.  I thought, why not go bigger, I mean we only live once right? So I decided to sell my handmade toys on etsy. It was slow atfirst, but then I was offered to be featured in Happily Hooked magazine and it changed my life forever. Not only did it boost my confidence, but it also helped me step into the online crocheting world. After the feature, I started receiving more crochet orders than I could count, and decided hey, why not go even bigger and create a website where I can share some of my patterns with the world? So I created As my business got more publicity, I started receiving numerous offers from companies to promote their products by becoming a brand ambassador. I honestly didn’t think much of it atfirst. I didn’t even know what becoming a brand ambassador was all about, then I learned that brand ambassadors promote products thru social media and either get free products im return, or get paid. I thought to myself, hey why not! More yarn money! Haha.. so I stepped into that world too.

Now that my business was making a decent amount of money and the ambassador jobs were coming in, I decided to go even further and publish one of my children’s stories. So I found an illustrator, did tons of research and published a children’s book based off of one of my crochet toy characters, Kolli Fox. The book is now up for sale on and in my etsy shop, But now that I finished the book, I decided to go even more bigger and start an apparel line featuring my Little Giggles. I admit that I am a bit overwhelmed with everything right now, but I am determined to keep pushing. Getting sick totally changed my perspective. I don’t want life to just slip away, I want to make something out of it so my kids can someday say, “My mommy did that!” or “My mom was the coolest person ever!”. In other words, I just want my kids to be proud of me. Everything I do is for them, and if that means that I have to work my butt off to make things happen, then I am going to do it!



It’s  never too late to pursue your dreams. Nomatter how old you may be, or where you are in life, as long as the fire is there, you can do it! It may take time and a lot of patience, but if you work hard enough and keep your eye on the goal, you will reach it. Now I’m not saying that you will become a billionaire in two days if you really wanted to, haha.. but I’m saying that if you work hard enough and play the cards right, anything in possible.


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