Viva Las Vegas!



So it’s been about a year since my last post, but I have a very good reason for that,  I moved to Las Vegas, Nevada! If you have ever moved, you know how crazy packing up your entire life then moving to a whole new state and starting over can be. I admit it was super stressful in the beginning, but after everything started to fall into place I can say life is so much better on the West Coast.

Number one reason being the weather. New Jersey had its perks but nothings beats the sunshine and snow-less winters of Las Vegas. The last time I wore shorts in December was when I lived in the Philippines, guess who wore shorts on Christmas Day, yupp ME!

Another reason why I love Las Vegas so much is because it is so much closer to California. I work in Los Angeles a lot and being able to drive there whenever I want is way better than packing up a suitcase and racing to the airport so I don’t miss my flight.

If you follow me on IG or facebook then you know how much I love Boba Tea, when I lived in Jersey I had to drive 45 minutes just to get my fix, now its a 10 minute drive and I don’t have to shimmy my way in to get in line either. Boba in Jersey was a hot commodity, EVERYONE went and the place was always packed.

Las Vegas also has so many people from the islands and yes, A RESTAURANT CALLED RED RICE! Living on the East Coast was cool and all but living in Las Vegas is just like living on Guam or the Philippines again, and I love it!

The scenery is also a plus. I love seeing the mountains during the day and all the lights on the strip at night. Everything and everyone is so ALIVE here. I love that I can just walk outside my new home and already feel inspired to write a song because of the view.

All in all, I love my new home and I feel so blessed to be living here. A lot of people said I would hate it because it gets too hot but hey, Bikini weather is way better than thick coat scarf weather in my book any day!









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