The Street Avenger


Exciting things are happening you guys! You already know that I am very passionate about music and songwriting, but another thing I also love to do is act. I started theater when I was 7 years old and since then acting was always something that I loved to do, mostly because you can be whoever you want and I always wanted to be a superhero.. (Storm to be exact).

I am excited to announce that my dream of becoming a superhero is coming true, I will be playing Rosie in a new movie by Angry Troll Studios, THE STREET AVENGER!

When a young girl being raised by a single father loses him to gang violence she turns to law enforcement but they are no help. She tries to take the law into her own hands and finds out being a vigilante is nothing like she reads about in the comics. Rosie (played by Mischa Renee) quickly finds herself caught in a war between two rival gangs while trying to stay two steps ahead of the police. This is a raw, action packed adventure that shows the inner strength of a young woman that will stop at nothing to avenge her father.”

This movie is going to be super awesome! When I first read the script all I could say was, wow, this role is definitely the role that I have been waiting for, the dream role that I’ve wanted since I was a kid, and I am so grateful that Angry Troll Studios chose me to do it.

So stay tuned everyone, Mischa Renee is going to be kicking some serious bad guy butt soon! haha


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